Information about our courses

General Information

We offer swim classes to children from 4 years and up, Kids between 3 and 4 have the chance to join a Parents-Kids-Swim class, where the guardian must accompany the class and child in the water.
We teach our courses in Swiss german. However, no non Swiss German speaking students are never left behind. We work with everybody’s individual abilities.

Semester courses

Semester courses start twice a year (after summer holidays until sport holidays / after sport holidays until summer holidays.

Costs: per 30min. lesson = CHF 15.– without pool entrance fee.
A semester lasts between 14 – 18 lessons with a single semester bill.

See the schedule (in german) for our semester courses:
Children Semester Courses
Adult Semester Courses
Private Lessons

Holiday Intensiv Courses

We offer courses in all holidays except in December.

Monday until Friday. 30min. lessons every day.
Costs: weekly courses = CHF 80.– pp, without pool entrance fee.

See the schedule (in german) for our holiday courses:
Children Holiday Courses
Adult Holiday Courses

Next register dates

Semester Courses

Upcoming semester starts at the end from august 2023

Registration can be found here.

Intensive Holiday Courses

Summerholiday 2023
(Registration at 12. juny)

Class schedules/Timetables are online soon
Registration can be found here.


Office Schwimmschule Baar

Office opening times:
Monday 09:00 – 17:00
Wednesday 09:00 – 14:00
Except for holidays.

If you need any further assistance? Please call us, send an e-mail: or leave us a message on the answering machine. We will be happy to respond to your query.

The Swim school-Team is looking forward having you in our classes.


Overview Courses

Special Courses

Parent & Child, ELKI
  • water familiarization specifically for young children just turned 3 years
  • which are anxious in the water
  • which have difficulties with separation from parent
  • we will teach children in a playful how to enjoy being in the water
Advanced, students
  • has successfully passed the Polar Bear test
  • can swim front crawl, back crawl, breast stroke and knows the dolphin / butterfly technique

Children Courses and Tests

Children from the age of 4 years only.


  • safe walking in shallow water without flotation device
    has NO difficulties with separation from parent / adult person
    understand one of the following languages: German or English
    enjoys being in the water


  • submerges for 3 seconds holds their breath, comes up without rubbing their eyes
  • submerges with open eyes and blows bubbles into the water
  • jumps from the edge of the pool onto their feet into the shallow water
  • can lay on their back (float) without floatation device and can be pulled through the water
  • knows how to do the airplane for 3 seconds (flat on the belly, the whole face in the water, looking at the bottom of the pool, arms and legs are stretched out)


  • swims with little help independently on stomach and back in shallow water in a stretched posture (knows how to kick their legs)
  • can do an arrow independently for at least 4 m
  • can do the airplane and water lily for 5 seconds in shallow water
  • jumps from the edge of the pool feet first into deep water
  • dives independently for objects with eyes open in deep water


  • swims with little help independently on stomach and back in deep water (arms and legs extended)
  • glides on the surface and is able to blow bubbles in to the water
  • swims with their head in the water „doggy style”
  • knows how to push off from the side of the pool to do a back arrow
  • Seal swimming on their front and back
  • can hold the Airplane and Water Lily position for at least 5 seconds in deep water
  • knows how to do a somersault from the side of the pool


  • swim on the surface for least 15 m in deep water, head is completely in the water, eyes open, breathing in and exhaling into the water repeatedly
  • backstroke 20 m with proper arm stroke (arms are lifted out of the water)
  • swim, rotating from your belly to your back using your arms; front crawl and backstroke movements
  • can rotate on to their back after jumping into the water
  • knows how to swim in the Superman position
  • knows how to do a head dive into the deep water


  • can swim 25 m in a basic form of front crawl and backstroke
  • knows how to swim 25 m in the Shark position
  • swims 15 m rotating from the belly to the back with straight arms over the head while kicking continuously
  • a head dive at the deep end of the pool (1.80 m)
  • slalom diving through 2 hoops in deep water

Polar Bear

  • can swim 25 m front crawl (correct technique) with sideways breathing,
  • 25 m backstroke and basic form of breaststroke with proper kicking
  • knows how to do the Windshield Wiper