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Children's and adult courses in groups, or privately, our team will accompany you.

Discover the joy of swimming in an environment based on close contact and respectful exchange. For us, every single customer is our focus – regardless of whether they are children, teenagers or adults. We offer individual support tailored to your needs and goals. Experience a unique learning atmosphere in which every step on the way to safer and better swimming is celebrated. Our experienced team of leaders ensures that learning is fun and effective. Come to us and feel the difference – book your course now and become part of our swimming school!

Courses children

Children love water and we help them get to know it through play.

Adult courses

Find the right course for all ages and skill levels.

Private lessons

Personal and individual support is valuable and can work wonders.

Dive with the Baar Swimming School
into the world of swimming

Our swimming school is a place where learning to swim becomes an unforgettable experience for all ages. Our comprehensive range of courses covers all levels - from water familiarization for the little ones to advanced techniques for adults. Each course is led by experienced instructors who specialize in promoting swimming skills in a supportive and motivating atmosphere.

Our swimming school is characterized by an individual approach in which we respond to the needs of each individual participant. We strongly believe in the importance of open and respectful communication to create a safe and trusting learning environment. Our courses are designed to not only teach swimming techniques, but also to strengthen our participants' self-confidence and love of the water.

We offer playful and age-appropriate courses for children that encourage fun in the water and teach basic swimming skills. Young people and adults benefit from tailor-made programs that are tailored to individual abilities and goals - be it getting to know each other, improving technique or preparing for competitions.

Discover the world of swimming in an environment characterized by professionalism, respect and joy of sport. Register today and see how we ignite a love of water at all ages at our swimming school.